2023-06-03 The one thing you can always count on

Sat 03 Jun 2023 10:45:15 AM CDT

So a couple others have known for weeks about performing with us today.

Yesterday I learned the sound guy they always use - whom I was counting on to alleviate our equipment burden - hadn't been told.

Then I learned the guy that usually speaks for them thought we were at a venue other than the one we'd already told him about.

Then I the percussionist of their team hadn't yet weighed in because he's "not very committal these days".

So it's the morning of the performance - about five hours before setup time - and I still don't know who's playing with us, whether I need to bring equipment and manage the mixing while performing, etc. If the bass player is separate, we get to worry about the over all mix.

In addition, my wife's bum knee means I get to move and set up all the equipment, and undo that after the performance, which is complicated by the fact that we were hoping to travel to a destination that isn't our primary home right after the show, meaning a lot of stuff need be ready and fit in the vehicle.

And now there's rain in the forecast starting about the second hour into a three hour performance, meaning the venue people will of course want us to set up and start performing, but I'll be panic stricken while performing for worrying about floodgates suddenly opening on equipment we couldn't possibly disassemble and get back to the vehicle before it getting soaked.

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