2023-06-03 Everything's simple until it aren't

Sat 03 Jun 2023 08:39:34 AM CDT

I had a few free moments to revisit Bubble, thinking I wanted to comment in a specific thread, but soon noticed my Bubble id no longer seemed to be able to do much in Bubble, then noticed the domain seemed to have changed (prepending "bbs." to what it was before). So I created a new certificate for that, updated config.toml to point to it, navigated to bbs.geminispace.org in amfora, went the "Add alternative certificate" path, specified 'textmonger', followed this redirect:


and was asked for a password.

Um.... what password? I don't recall supplying a password when I associated my initial geminispace.org certificate. If I did, I lost it. But assuming it was asking for a new password, I supplied one.. but of course it was looking for an already established password which, as I said, I don't recall creating/specifying.

So maybe I need to follow a more robust path in Bubble...? Delete the 'textmonger' account/id first...?

Eventually, the lazy ass within had me staring at Amfora's ~/.config/amfora/config.toml file, where it turned out simply changing:

"geminispace.org" = "~/Downloads/Certificates/geminispace.org-cert.pem"

"geminispace.org" = "~/Downloads/Certificates/geminispace.org-key.pem"


"bbs.geminispace.org" = "~/Downloads/Certificates/geminispace.org-cert.pem"

"bbs.geminispace.org" = "~/Downloads/Certificates/geminispace.org-key.pem"

was the no-need-to-boil-too-many-oceans solution.