2023-06-02 Typing seems easier today

Fri 02 Jun 2023 11:12:55 AM CDT

             so easy to forget
            this is but a dream
              but a modeling
           but a re-presentation
                 all of it

         including the seeming one
        seemingly *present* for it
            the great "to whom"
             (it does concern)

  re-present-ation: againness of present
      re-peatedly positing a present
           seemingly makes it so
       i.e. as though self-existent
    as though something apart from the

            try to forget that
           as quickly as you can
           lest its realization
          effectively forgets you

          unless you finally get
           how the notion of you
has been the only seeming problem all along

           then close your eyes
            and it'll kiss you