2023-06-02 Vimwiki looks wonderful, but....

Fri 02 Jun 2023 09:27:05 AM CDT

My latest foray into software installation mystification involves something called "vimwiki", whose installation instructions I followed to a tee, and yet for the life of me I can't open what I imagine to be a "vimwiki" session within a vim session. I see commands I imagine would get me going, but they're specified as:

> <Leader>ww

and nothing in the installation instructions is telling me what '<Leader>' maps to. (Maybe akin to 'Ctrl-a' in tmux?)

I must be a complete idiot.

But what I'm not is tolerant of such drain-circling time wastes. I removed the directory containing it, and then the .vimrc additions I'd made per the instructions.

(I don't really like syntax highlighting anyway....)