2023-05-29 A couple comments

Mon 29 May 2023 11:43:42 AM CDT

The HTTP client person as seen from Gemini

> And, yet, somehow, there are a lot of servers, and a
> lot of clients, and it mostly seems to work out for us
> geminauts. From this, we might conclude...

It's probably not the conclusion I think you were hinting at :-) but I concluded quite some time ago I prefer taking my chances on pure text from what may or may not be legitimate others (by which I mean others more interested in communicating with me than gaming me) over gobs of techo happy horseshit in order to create some bulletproof protocol beneath mind-boggling visual fireworks.

You might say I no longer give a shit whether a picture is worth a thousand words. I just so happen to like what goes into ordering a thousand words in interesting ways, and prefer the effort it takes to grasp such over imagining I've learned something for a microsecond glance at an allegedly equivalent image.


> I'm a big fan of skyjake's work on Lagrange. I use amfora
> on the CLI to proofread my gemlog, but all my actual
> browsing, my exploration, is in Lagrange. It's well
> laid out. It's beautiful. Just a singular and deeply
> impressive piece of software, one I like using very much.

Well, maybe I will check it out based on your testimony. It's just so hard to tear myself away from the command line: I swear I feel a visceral plummeting of my IQ whenever I do so.... :-)