2023-05-28 Just a wee bit on the groggy side

Sun 28 May 2023 07:45:01 AM CDT

Wordle Doesn't Need an Editor!

> It's tired at this point to point out that capital
> ruins everything

Capital is inert. The cause is one or more self-centric *people*.

> All good things must end, particularly, it seems, when
> they get sold to media conglomorates like the NYT.

Indeed, a collection of self-centric people. And I think collections of people working self-centrically to manufacture reality to/for others are particularly heinous.

Speaking of which:

> => gemini://szczezuja.flounder.online/gemlog/2023-05-27-From-my-bubble-about-Bubble.gmi
> => https://www.nytimes.com/2023/05/26/opinion/ezra-klein-podcast-joseph-henrich.html
> The second link discusses how some cultures are WEIRD
> (Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic).

Can't read it for being behind a paywall, so I guess I'll have to go elsewhere to be told what reality is.

> Capsules tend towards WEIRD. They are individualistic,
> nodes. Geminispace (among other sites--midnight.pub,
> maybe?) is more communal. There are lower barriers
> to entry, there's more feedback, more potential for
> socialization, insofar as staring at a screen allows
> for that. Communal sites tend more towards hierarchies,
> which can be good, or bad--Benevolent Dictator For Life,
> Billionaire Destroys Former Lights.


I'm not feeling good. Insufficient sleep after too much partying, as brother and I tend to go for it when visiting each other. We (he and I and our wives) left a bunch of lights and a sound system on overnight. How is it that if/when I don't address such things, they far more often than not aren't addressed? I get so tired of having to be the responsible one. Can't anyone else *ever* put things back when whence they got them and/or restore them to their original, most-useful-to-all state?

I also witnessed far too much distasteful, automatonic behavior in general, my own included. A neighbor couple two houses down from us stopped by and went on and on about their suspicious and distrust of others, including why we should be hyper wary of the neighbor between us. Well, that neighbor and I get along just fine. I can't see provoking distrust by openly manifesting distrust.

Are such things really such rocket science for too many others?