2023-05-27 Love is all I need

Sat 27 May 2023 10:45:25 AM CDT

Games Showcase: Half-Life Alyx

The trouble with so fantastic a read/review is now I'd rather read CircaDian than play Half-Life Alyx.

From my bubble about Bubble

> One of the Pact regulations forbade the installation of
> elevators. So they walk up and down the stairs. There
> are hundreds of floors, so such travels last all day.
> ...
> But the /Bubble/ seems to be an elevator.

Wow, great analogy. And I honestly do love walking up and down the posting exchange stairs. I love typing this. I love this vim session was invoked by a script I wrote invoked like this:

> ./new-entry Love is all I need

which waits on the vim session to end, then updates the index.gmi file with the new entry. Then I run another script I wrote that loggs me into where I then "cd capsule/gemlog", "put" the new entry file and updated index.gmi, and then the script pushes URL to the updated entry file to Antenna's

gemini://warmedal.se/~antenna/submit?<URL to updated index.gmi file>


Love, love, love!


"Love is all you need."
      - The Beatles