2023-05-26 The endless jerking of knees

Fri 26 May 2023 12:21:05 PM CDT

Speaking of automaton's, how about other people's verbal reactions/responses to pretty much everything?

How could it be thoughtful when it starts spritzing/spilling out a second or less after whoever they're responding to finishes talking?

And if they were thinking about it while the other person was speaking, that means the former invariably missed some - possibly much (possibly all?) - of what the latter said, meaning the former's response couldn't possibly all the information they were presented with into account.


And yet people fight - and even go to war - over such (sarcasm time in three.. two..) unbelievably amazing interaction.

However, the same thoughts written out afford - though of course not guarantee - a more thorough imbibe.

There's basically never a tower from Babylon too far away.