2023-05-26 Don't you love them, madly

Fri 26 May 2023 09:55:02 AM CDT

Most people's talking sounds like madness to me.

Somehow that doesn't seem nearly so much the case with their writing.


I think it's because writing filters out a lot of behavior that screams "Automaton!" to me, e.g. glazed eyes, excessively making the same point in various ways, misspeak corrections, the sense of becoming "possessed" because of the likes of increasing volume, increasingly crazed facial expressions... and, of course, the litany becoming increasingly I/me/mine focused.

See also: obsession with the idea of one's most gloriously amazing self.

I actually become uncomfortably anxious listening to others speak, as though the speaker could quite possibly explode, melt down, etc. in a way that could become messy for those in the vicinity.