2023-05-26 I'm pretty sure Gemini found me

Fri 26 May 2023 08:32:48 AM CDT

What do we have, here, Friday already?

Chickens clucking in a plywood coop next door. Something must be annoying them, as they're usually not so vocally active.

Just finished a really fine egg salad sandwich. I ate it a bit differently: bread torn into pieces over the egg salad that spent the night in a "to go container" in the refrigerator last night. Forked that out of its container seemed an easier proposition than trying to eat a potentially messy sandwich while potentially needing to work a keyboard as the inner spirit moves.

Brother and sister-in-law arrive today, staying through mid Monday. Should be fun. I'm very glad to have determined I've been suffering from "too little carbs" instead of some "COVID exhaustion" theory that was beginning to take mental root.

How I Found Gemini

> It was via a Slashdot post pointing to this article from
> the FSF:
> ...
> But it might have been “text/gemini” that really
> got me.

I can't even remember, but I'm pretty sure


inviting me to join

The Midnight Pub

ultimately had something to do with it.