2023-05-25 I can't think of a title

Thu 25 May 2023 10:24:24 AM CDT


> Today I saw @gherhartd@ludosphere.fr working on an
> anti-violence manifesto for games. He said he intended
> it for the people he played with or for the imaginary
> designers of the games he’d like to play.

> I am conflicted.

I was kind of wondering when they'd be coming for gaming violence....

In the Land of Invented Names

> That year, that disastrous PhD year, I felt invisible
> as the speaker of Mark Strand's "Keeping Things Whole".

Keeping Things Whole

> > In a field
> > I am the absence
> > of field.
> > This is
> > always the case.
> > Wherever I am
> > I am what is missing.

I think another take on that - i.e. other than feeling personally/individually invisible - is that we're not what can be pointed to or named, in accord with the following from the Ashtavakra Gita:

> you are not earth, water, fire or air
> nor are you empty space
> liberation is to know yourself
> as awareness alone
> the witness of these

Anyway, I've messed with


somewhat: created account, posted once, commented on a post or two, responded to a couple surveys, noted a couple "like" notifications. I can find my way around.

But there's been no big "wow/yeah" to it.