2023-05-23 Tuesday morn

Tue 23 May 2023 08:35:22 AM CDT

I got Amfora to give up the certificate ghost to Bubble. So now I just need something to say there. :-)

But I suppose s/discuss is rather open to variety.

I overslept a bit today, but thankfully my wife is on the groggy side as well, so no need to rush. We've a first cuppa coffee under our belts, each staring at screens, the sound of geese occasionally rising above that of the floor stand fan running near the sliding glass door to a small balcony.

For so long I've thought I had to be perpetually tense to be some kind of "ready". But there's nothing to be ready for. Shit, there's arguably no one (i.e. self) to begin with, save for the one over thought of/about to the point of seeming reality. Re-petition seemingly gives birth to re-ality.

It's all about the againness, baby.

First Month Retrospective

> I’ve stopped browsing daily news—tech or
> otherwise—and read gemlogs instead.

Definitely a preferred modus here as well.

> I think I’ve found a new appreciation for when the
> web is a positive thing and when it isn’t.

I'm still disappointed that it somehow didn't become the ocean of textural interaction I'd hoped it would. Back in the 90s I'd thought that by now it would be easy to find collections of intelligent others growing closer for sharing thoughts. A little search for the right group(s), jump into the fray, enjoy.

But it never did work out that way.

Part of my hopes were grounded in somewhere along the line choosing the screen to be "where it all comes together" in terms of both learning and pleasure. Shifting gears wouldn't involve the gobs of work closing down a painting environment in order to play a guitar through a looper pedal in a sound production/recording environment. The transitions are just way too slow, involving enough effort that I couldn't help but starting wondering outpaced genuine benefits. And since all of experience seemingly comes down to thoughts, well, why not keep it simply by getting all my experience fodder in one place? And I can bring it with me to the bathroom if need/want be.

But it turns out words across individuality boundaries are rather flimsy - yet potentially dangerous - things.

There's nothing new under the protocol.