2023-05-20 Hello others

Sat 20 May 2023 10:49:30 AM CDT

On Bubble, centralization and federation

> At any rate, Bubble is off to such a roaring start
> that it's blaringly obvious this is something that
> people want. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up my
> own capsule any time soon, and I'll still be pushing my
> feed to Antenna for each and every post. But Bubble is
> off to a roaring start. Having tried it I have to say
> it really is pretty slick. From a technical standpoint,
> bravo to Skyjake for pulling this off so quickly.

Definitely slick. But I'm not understanding how to join an instance per this help:

> Navigate to the capsule front page and activate a client
> certificate to create a new account.

Thought I was at a capsule front page, but saw no "activate a client certificate" option/path.

(That's what I get for generally being in favor of barriers to entry, right? ;-) )

I still like the process of writing a post, uploading it and a new index.gmi, and pointing Antenna to that. Way more than activating a client certificate, for example. :-)

# The Pile 20230208 (20230302 edit)

> that humanity, especially that in the "Western" world,
> is one giant pile of People, most of who are in the
> center of the mass (centrists) and who are literally
> unable to see the outside of said pile.

My investigations suggest faith is the mechanism of *seeming* reality, i.e. believing something to be real literally makes it real to/for said believing observer.

Long Weekend

> Things don't grow well here, but they still grow. The
> season's long enough for potatoes, tomatoes, with
> cucumbers ready in August. I find May Long kind of
> zen-like. A lot of the same routines every year. And
> there's a satisfaction in planting something, watching
> it grow, then harvesting it. The excess tomatoes made
> into sauce and frozen; the potatoes lasting us September
> through the winter.

Bad dad joke, but I really admire your get up and grow.... ;-)

The Other Wiki

> There is a vast Wiki that is not Wikipedia; and it
> describes the greatest achievements of humanity.

> The greatest achievements being, of course, contained
> in works of fiction; where they are not bound by the
> constraints normally placed upon us.

> It’s called TV Tropes, it bills itself as “the all
> devouring pop-culture wiki”, and I recommend a read
> if you have too much spare time:

TV Tropes

Huh, wow... never heard of it before.

And yet I'm quickly reminded I'm not sure what we usually consider "real life" is any less fictional - thoughts repeated in a faith context until they're Obviously Real (hehehe), i.e. their "reality bit"s are set.