2023-05-18 Multiple cheers for ew0k

Thu 18 May 2023 07:54:19 PM CDT

I've been following post-mediated discussion about the downfalls of centralization, and vaguely recall some considering even


a (possible mis-)step in that direction.

I'm relatively new to Geminispace (about half a year's worth of nosing around), and have loved pure link following, maybe sometimes atop the crutch of randomizer aspects of the likes of


But I go through periods where I find myself traversing already traveled places, and can't seem to break out into new territory (kind of reminds me of how a game of "Jacks or Better" and suddenly go horrifically wrong in ways you swear are defying odds).

And that's where I appreciate the likes of Antenna.

Sure, I'm mostly seeing the same participants' posts. But for the most part they seem Geminauts who love linking other posts (or is it articles? (see, told ya I was "relatively new")) Which means decent odds of chancing into new authors.

So, I dunno, I've rather come to love Antenna, and just wanted to raise my glass to ew0k for creating something that to me fills a void somewhere between "finding new content is more work than the content is too often worth" and "centralization".

(And FWIW, I suspect what I need most is to create the right bookmarking mechanism for my needs/wants....)