2023-05-18 Here we go again

Thu 18 May 2023 10:17:26 AM CDT

My hoping to automate uploading a new gemini post file and index.gmi file, and then re-point Antenna to that updated index.gmi file led me back to the horrific nightmare also known as security.

The system I host my gemini capsule on seemingly doesn't like scp, giving me the impression I'm apparently stuck with sftp, which to automate seems to require the '-b' flag pointing to a batchfile. But -b overrides there being any means to specify a password, apparently leading to needing to investigate ssh-keygen and get key files in the right places. I think I've been there before, and all that's coming to mind are vague memories of a bad taste in my mouth, giving me the feeling I'll have to pour gobs of time down the drain to make such work again - no doubt getting locked out of my account while not getting it right too many times along the way.

Is this seriously where we're still at?

How is it sftp doesn't have a batch mode that doesn't start running subcommands until *after* password authentication?

I just never cease to be amazed by how what others have created in such software realms motherfucking *NEVER* covers what would support the best workflow for me.


So tired....