2023-05-18 The online hoax

Thu 18 May 2023 08:57:41 AM CDT

Dang.. last time I tried going to it, I was told the

Midnight Pub

is certificate broke(n).

Another day, another reminder of thieving others.

(Thought about another way, though, that's irrelevant except in an ego-centric view/context wherein some mind-made "I" is troubled/inconvenienced by such.)

<goose honking>

Unfortunately (for my illusory self), my ongoing discontent with online spaces is merely a specific instantiation of insisting upon being a separate self per:


> The experience of real separation - which is the arising
> of the “I am” experience - is simultaneously a
> discontent of the need to know and the feeling that
> something needs to happen. It is exactly the need to
> know, which makes the unknowable freedom of “what is”
> seem out of reach. This message of non-separation does
> not in any way meet the expectations or needs of the
> seeker, it undermines them.

That describes my online experience shockingly accurately.

Corollary to that is the sense it doesn't have to be that way. And yet, year after year after year, it apparently does. There are no others in any of this for other than themselves, meaning all must go home hungry.