2023-05-17 Coming up on noon

Wed 17 May 2023 11:27:07 AM CDT


I love the overall mood of that, but not sure I could explain why.

Notes on the Last Two Days

> I picked a new alias. Not winter, not what I've been
> using on the small web, definitely nothing from my
> BBS days, nostalgic as that'd be. I'm learning from my
> past. Have to keep moving. No admissions re: location,
> no reused aliases, definitely no real names. Not unless I
> trust you. I used to be trackable. Hopefully not anymore.

I can't relate. I must be doing this wrong. :-)

> Trying not to think about that. Trying instead to just
> enjoy it as long as it's around. Check it daily. Post. Be
> kind. When I first called BBSs I was young, 13, 14, and
> a lot of the people in that scene were older. 20s and
> 30s. Some of them were awful. Some of them hurt me. And
> some were good. So now that I'm the greybeard, I'm hoping
> I can be more the latter. Elder technologist? Anonymous
> nice guy? Telnet dad.

That has a nicely online-ly idyllic ring to it!

It's been a pleasant morning. Glorious weather. Great coffee. Chanced upon some fantastic meatloaf and broccoli leftovers in the bottom of the freezer.

In way, finding older Gemini posts feels a bit like chancing upon tasty leftovers.