2023-05-15 Moving right along

Mon 15 May 2023 05:15:55 PM CDT

Pleasantly productive day, here, Silent Dev Nullsters! ;-)

Sprayed select placed with weed/grass killer, reorganized a few things in the garage, mowed the lawn, acquired some boat motor 2-stroke oil and spark plugs, and got a finicky boat motor to start and stay running unassisted.

Resting a bit now before we head to a grandchild baseball game, than all of us back here for some what-I-know-will-be-fabulous homemade Mexican food.

Things perked up a bit at:

The Midnight Pub

especially due to a fun-to-read newcomer named


I stared at this "Bubble" instance for a while:


and I think I'm making sense of the links it presents. Who knows, maybe I'll enjoy a place like that being a spoke in my Gemini wheel...?