2023-05-15 Re: CircaDian: Who Likes The Likers

Mon 15 May 2023 09:46:55 AM CDT

CircaDian: Who Likes The Likers

> I agree that it's nice to get a "heavyweight" reply on
> someone's capsule.

> But I do think there is a problem with barrier to entry
> for that.

I don't mind barriers to entry, e.g. septic systems.

> Maybe having both "lightweight" and "heavyweight"
> options will work nicely.

Bubble looks pretty cool. And yet it's also true that, for now, I don't see it adding value to my browsing experience, because I honestly value following links between responses from people who made the effort to "heavyweight reply". My auto-assumptive tendency is to assume those who make a greater intelligence-requiring effort will likely create more interesting text arrangements for me to read.

But I've definitely added:


to my Amfora bookmarks.