2023-05-15 Here we go 'round the Gemini bush

Mon 15 May 2023 09:18:48 AM CDT

There seems to be a separate (from all else) being sitting in a chair, fuzzy vision peripheral to the tight little area of visual focus on the screen of a Chromebook, eyes following the appearance of words in that area, something allegedly in the head agonizing over whether those words re-present those which said something entertained just before directing fingers to make them so in said little visual space, a perpetual repaint of all the notions making up all that, including ambient temperature, sounds of wife typing on a different keyboard in bed about 15 feet to the right, a jet passing somewhat far away, automobile traffic sounds, the right ankle becoming stiffly sore for supporting the other leg on a foot rest a couple feet beyond this chair.

All of that mentally visited and revisited so quickly that, to the alleged separate being, it all winds emanating what might be called the reality emergent property, soon dismissed in oh so nonchalantly "Why of COURSE that's reality.." kind of way, as though insanity consisted of not being fully invested in that belief (and of course it is really just a belief *itself* revisited quickly enough to "seem real"...).

But none of that is the interesting part.

The interesting part is the raw awareness perpetually - and oh so quietly - behind it all, including the monstrous "separate being" seemingly endowed with full-blown I-ness, despite the latter clearly being nothing more than an insanely quickly oft-repeated collection of thoughts - which somehow seemingly obscures the blatant obviousness of presence of raw awareness that, of course, can't be described because any form of description is by definition re-presentation, and thus always obscure what it's trying to again(i.e. re)-present.