2023-05-13 The Zeroeth Commandment

Sat 13 May 2023 09:51:53 AM CDT

Years ago - after wondering what kept regularly so driving me out of my mind that I finally had to stop everything else to try to understand it - a phrase came to me.

So one motivator for formulating the phrase was the dis-ease of feeling like I was regularly about to "lose my mind".

Another was that I'd had some "fundamentalist" days in my late youth, and so it wasn't unusual for me to think in biblical tropes.

And suddenly there it was: the phrase "The Zeroeth Commandment" came to mind.

"Zeroeth" indicates it being more fundamental than the classic Ten. I'd argue that it also implies something actually humanly possible in the context of how the classic Ten seem so impossible for human to keep.

And this is it:

"Thou shalt not inconvenience!"

That's it.

Just do that much, spread the word about it to others who, in turn, also might do just that much, and I suspect that in just a little more than "no time" this world will be several orders of magnitude a better place.