2023-05-13 Just one last IDE comment (WARNING: dad joke zone)

Sat 13 May 2023 09:41:12 AM CDT

I have to believe someone else has thought of this before, but my head occasionally likes pursuing rhyme, and while staring at the IDE acronym in a Linux context the phrase "IDEs of Arch" suddenly came to mind.... >_<

Today is proceeding nicely.

My wife and I argued a bit because I'm constantly trying to find non-hurtful/belittling ways to tell her I think she talks too much for my mind's inbound capacity. What happens is my mind quickly feels as though a pot of popcorn popping, and then goes into a fugue-like state to protect itself, leading to my not remembering nearly enough of what she's said, which invariably leadeth unto her being upset with me for "never listening to what I have to say"... and, of course, I start out listening, but basically can't continue without possibly risking early stages of nervous breakdown....

But beyond that, weather conditions are glorious, we've a farmers' market in walking distance we'll be heading to soon, she'll be off with daughters this afternoon, meaning I'll be able to work around the house and yard in peace.

I'm also in serious need of working the guitar fingertips and vocal chords as we've a performance coming up in a couple, three weeks, and right now I'd not last more than half an hour in each department.