2023-05-13 When reading is a joy regardless the topic

Sat 13 May 2023 08:49:43 AM CDT

I love discovering authors I want to read despite the topic, their leanings, biases, etc.

I'm not going to name any in these antenna-collected parts, because I'd not want to hurt any feelings, but also because of classic jinxing fear - in this case that mentioning a name would somehow (you know how this Murphy's Law infused world is...) lead to their suddenly losing whatever their magick is.

And, of course, it would probably more accurately be something missing in my mind/view/appraisal - where my re-presentations of them and their doings all come together to drive an overall feeling.

Actually, I've read that re-presentation re-peated sufficiently quickly relative to the re-petition of re-presentation of an alleged observer leads to an emergent phenomenon called re-ality (to/for that seeming observer - not unlike a hot firebrand quickly moved in a circular pattern suddenly leads to a certain amount of conviction that a reddish circle is hovering in the night air.

That, in other words, againness (all that "re-" in the above) of building blocks of conceptuality somehow seems to be All This.

It's tricky. It easily slithers away a moment and a half after you think you get it, and trying harder to get it again doesn't cause it to slither back (which makes sense given its known more like falls from the sky than slithers).