2023-05-11 Re: Lightjammer feed: - Re: Dev Nullification

Thu 11 May 2023 01:46:35 PM CDT

Lightjammer feed: - Re: "Dev Nullification"

> No, your words do not go into the void. I hear you.

Thank you *so* much. Really needed to read that.

> Notwithstanding our frequent perception of ourselves as
> solitary beings in an endless void, such is not the case.

It's rough oscillating between that understanding, and being lost in samsara, so to speak.

> I advise you to simply relax and perceive the emptiness of
> solitude as the cosmos. Distant beacons of gemini-capsules,
> akin to celestial abodes, eagerly await your messages.

Damn, that's beautiful. Thank you!