2023-05-11 Re: Rob S: Two Energy Crises

Thu 11 May 2023 07:27:16 AM CDT

Rob S: Two Energy Crises

> The second crisis is a crisis of energy stored in
> our own bodies: the modern pandemic of obesity.

Ohmygosh, yes.

> Fat is stored metabolic energy, and the richness
> of food available to use in the West--and
> particularly in the United States--is such
> that we ingest far more metabolic energy than
> our ancestors did. However, our reliance on
> machines to do everything from transporting us
> to cleaning our houses means that we don't burn
> the fat we accrue.

I suspect the reliance on machines factor is negligible compared to the too-bad-we-can-no-longer-bring-ourselves-to-say-it gluttony forbid.

But there's nothing new about humanity diverting itself from actual root causes to avoid personal responsibility.