2023-05-10 Re: CircaDian: No Buses All Morning

Wed 10 May 2023 09:12:30 AM CDT

No Buses All Morning

> And then two come along at once.
> Not literally. I’m referring to the fact that I’ve
> been posting for nearly three weeks without a response,
> then yesterday I got two! What pearl of wisdom elicted
> such a frenzy of responses? Climate change, keyboards,
> 3D printing? No; it was:
> => 2023-05-09-proportional-coding.gmi Proportional Coding

I *wanted* to reply, but couldn't find much to say, suspecting there'd likely be too much work involved attempting such in an editor I could enjoy on my goofy little Chromebook, where I spend most of my time in tmux in Chromebook's "Terminal" environment.

But I can imagine the textural real estate being bought back by a proportional font being extremely pleasant to experience.

I suspect the thought never came to me for being under the spell of what I want to call "indentation hypnosis".