2023-05-09 Here's a bit of insanity for ya

Tue 09 May 2023 08:26:42 AM CDT

The house got cold overnight, and I've no idea whether today's expected high temperature will bring the indoors back to a jacket-less state.

The coffee just finished brewing.

I'm laying back on the couch, hoping for replies/comments, but finding none.

So it seems it's not just my wife trying to avoid me.

But the key word, there, is 'seems', because I've been incredibly wrong in the realm of others' attention before.

It hardly matters. In fact, it doesn't matter at all, mattering being a set of thoughts to a self that *itself* (haha!) is merely a set of thoughts - including the all important "this is real" bit/thought set - by faith - to one.

Isn't that how this works? ("this" being the so-called world?)

However, there's something that's not really a something (things being at world level) what I want to call "behind the beneath" that doesn't partake of any of this re-presentational (by way of seeming conceptuality) realm - despite being its basis (but only when thought about, of course..).

Oh, for the love of words never being quite able to get there!