2023-05-08 Re: JeanG3nie: I'd rather be Ferrari than Ford

Mon 08 May 2023 08:12:15 PM CDT

I'd rather be Ferrari than Ford

Something that I've given a lot of thought to in my life is how our society seems to be in a perpetual race towards mediocrity.

You're borderline insanely generous going with merely "mediocrity".

All of those places are gone. That town has a WalMart, a Home Depot, and a whole army of chain restaurants now. It's depressing.

This internet has a Google, a Facebook, a Twitter.... <coughs>

This is all analogy so far, but I apply the principle a lot. I like to make things. I'll never churn things out like a large company, but I don't want to. I'd rather use a hand plane and carve using my chisels, gouges and a wooden mallet than program a CNC machine. I like the feel, the sound, and the smell of the freshly cut wood, and the feel of my muscles remaining strong as I power the machinery. I prefer my fine Japanese saws to a loud and obnoxious table saw. I use power tools of course, but a little more sparingly. I'd rather be Ferrari.

Points well taken.

For me it's liking bare fingers on acoustic guitar strings, attempting to hit higher vocal notes through 62-year-old vocal chords that might have encounters one cigarette too many the night before. It's ftp'ing files I'd vim'd to a gemini account instead of typing into either a textarea or a javascript-mediated equivalent.