2023-05-08 Why not 'inquiry'?

Mon 08 May 2023 04:47:43 PM CDT

Just a quick off topic/title update on today:

Went all the way to the courthouse, through the metal detector, up an elevator no doubt teeming with COVID :-), only to learn from the person taking names that - as they'd allegedly informed me (she didn't say how) - I was granted reprieve from the entire jury selection period (of three months) due to my dad's possible need for my care.

Except they didn't inform of that. Instead, my sister fly from several states away to care for dad (his current woman needed a cruise..).

2023, yet communication is still rocket science.

Or perhaps I'm an idiot that lost the communication?

Anyway, onto the real topic: why did I go with the 'textmonger' handle instead of 'inquiry' in gemini space?

Actually, I had both the 3rd/4th quarters of 2022. I think 'inquiry' was for gopher, and created a script that farmed a single post into formats more native to each. But somewhere along the line gemini/gopher started feeling like a waste of time, and I deleted all posts from both.

And then suddenly became interested again.

The textmonger gemini "place" seemed to work right away by simply sftp'ing files to the gemini://textmonger.pollux.casa/ account. But there was some certificates issue with the gopher account, requiring having to figure out how to create such again, and it just plain felt like it'd be too much work to relearn how I created such, so I just didn't bother with the gopher - i.e. inquiry - account.

I still like https://midnight.pub/ a lot, but somewhere along the line I made the mistake of showing it to my wife, thinking she'd gotten past her fears that was about trying to find females to interact with (it's too long a story). And so I stopped sourcing posts there, settling on only replies, assuming (probably incorrectly) they'd take a lot more work to find.

And so, ever since, all new posts shall go to gemini://textmonger.pollux.casa/, with its glorious barrier to discovery.