2023-05-08 Keeping off the network grass

Mon 08 May 2023 06:33:52 AM CDT

Re: Not Growth

Just wanted to point out that the "muddle along" (and that's on a good day, of course) seems a reasonable consequence of tools being used by, um... tools....

Dreary morning. I forgot this house needs a bit of electrical work in that one can't run a coffee maker and the microwave at the same time without tripping the breaker of that circuit (I usually eat well before I start the coffee because my wife generally gets up rather later than I). I did that a bit absent mindedly whilst in a somewhat higher gear in preparatory for participating in some jury duty selection beginning 8:30am (about two hours from now).

One big plus is it'll allow me to have peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.

Yes, you read that right. It's supposed to rain, so I can't see walking to/from an eatery in the vicinity of the courthouse. And I love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, but don't much have the opportunity to eat them because leftovers are typically in the queue ahead of them.

Interesting dreams last night, mostly involving a property we were staying in that had water issues, mostly stemming from there being part of a tributary diverted through in a walled concrete kind of way. Something went wrong in one of the adjacent units, causing us to return to that dwelling to witness a hubbub of tenants interacting with the landlord. (There were lots of other details, but I'll spare you. You know how listening to others' dreams can be....)

I gotta say, if Gemini is fostering "community" somewhere, it's somewhere I've not yet found. To me it seems vastly people staying in their own lane. I mean, me too, for the most part. But attempts to sow seeds of interaction have anything but taken root.

Oh well.