2023-05-07 Leave it to software to accurately reflect what too many others are

Sun 07 May 2023 09:03:38 AM CDT

I wanted to mess with gmisub, but that seemingly required BearSSL, which seemingly required gmni, and I finally re-figured out how to have headers and libraries in non-default places be seeing by the compilation/linkage toolage, but ultimately hit the likes of:

/usr/local/include/gmni/gmni.h:148:55: note: expected ‘BIO *’ {aka ‘struct bio_st *’} but argument is of type ‘int (*)(void *, void *, size_t)’ {aka ‘int (*)(void *, void *, long unsigned int)’}
  148 | void gemini_parser_init(struct gemini_parser *p, BIO *f);
      |                                                  ~~~~~^
gmisub.c:306:4: error: too many arguments to function ‘gemini_parser_init’
  306 |    gemini_parser_init(&p, &resp_read, &resp);
      |    ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

And, surely enough, gmni.h in /usr/local/include is backlevel, so I apparently need to mess with header include paths so everything in is being compiled/linked with/against the latest gmni (which I built successfully off on the side)...



When I actually tried the latest gmni executable I built, I was reminded why I went with a backlevel gmni in default places in this Linux-ish Chromebook terminal environment... because of godmotherfuckingdamned *certificates*.

The first time I messed with gmni, ALL I WANTED TO DO was get some ideas of parsing its output so I wouldn't have to do the harder work of low level connecting/redirecting... and instead of that taking the 15 to 20 minutes it should have, I suddenly found myself having to understand certificates. And I think I understood that shit somewhere along the line in the past, but have forgotten the details, and it just pisses me off I have to waste my life dealing with something not directly related to what could be some enjoyable interactions with others, but instead with security shit BECAUSE SO MANY OTHER PEOPLE ARE APPARENTLY SUCH GODMOTHERFUCKING DAMNED PIECES OF SHIT.

My fucking *GOD* I'm so fucking tired of others....