2023-05-07 Some Septembers are a lot longer than others

Sun 07 May 2023 08:32:33 AM CDT

Last night was stupid.

Hold on, let me restate: last night I was stupid.

Why? Because I hung out with the non-online versions of Eternal September-ites.

See, so-called "Eternal September" was, in essence, nothing new to/for me. Those who rushed to demonstrate their stupidity *that* time were merely the descendants of the knuckleheads I started becoming aware of back in early grade school. They're the vast majority ilk that always self-centrically rush in. That all important separate, individual self has to be early to be seen in/on the scene, to be able to tell others they've been there and done that. Life's been a touch screen for them long before it was invented.

Some really smart people find a way to get rich off said horde accessing what's conceptually far beyond them, and those of us who might have had wonderfully intelligent and nuanced interactions together wind up drowned out in the deafening drone of collective inanity.


Okay, a bit of catchup shuteye later, the above is seeming rather harsh.

Suffice it to say I was one of 'em last night, too much Jacks or Better, too many cigarettes, to bed way too late, up way too early for when I went to bed, and now I'm just a day away from possibly being selected for a jury.

It's either abiding in awareness, or eventual uncontrolled thought proliferation in the direction of madness.