2023-05-06 The thoughts come marching two by two

Sat 06 May 2023 09:00:12 AM CDT

And then just like that - poof - it was gone.

"It" being the funk that drove the previous installment.

What drove it away?

Real-izing (yes, making real) it was all just thoughts believed (yes, a name for a (the?) mechanism of making real) to be (see? "to be" - aka to be real..) another thought that calls itself "I" despite being merely another thought - albeit the thought around which all the others revolve, i.e. are with respect to, i.e. are in terms of.

By the way, the previous is - in part - an instance of practicing getting out of jury duty. The current theory is a glassy-eyed ramble that only people who love coding in Lisp could parse might do the trick.

And don't get me wrong, I'd love jury duty. It's just that I honestly don't have time for it of late. And it doesn't help that we have but one vehicle, and my wife is unable to drive due to a knee condition. So she can't drop me off, meaning I have to take the vehicle, leaving her stranded.

Plus, I don't have too bright a view of most of humanity. I can see wanting to punish more than arrive at blindfoldedly unbiased/fair jurisprudence.