2023-05-06 On the count of three

Sat 06 May 2023 07:13:08 AM CDT

I'm just so, so sad.

Way too hungover again. Wife rejection in bed last night. Nobody replying online. My wife signed us up for too much activity in the next 24 hours. Others' verbiage is looking all the same. Nothing intriguing.

The coffee is brewing, but I'm feeling more addiction than happiness about it.

Similar with food: chewing and swallowing merely a chore.

And again in the labor of enduring others.

And ditto on writing this.

Why did she buy the whipped creamed cheese instead of just standard creamed cheese? The whipped version is missing something critical to the effort of toasting and eating a bagel seeming worth it.


But she will be up soon, and pretending to be other than the above will once again rescue me from ennui's clutches, resurrect the effortlessly fun guy at the party.

We're attending two today, so I best get an inner move on.