2023-05-05 Moving right along

Fri 05 May 2023 12:18:15 PM CDT


Browsed a bunch of gemlogs. So many wonderful writers.

I fancied writing once upon a time, especially after a couple years of digesting John Updike and Joyce Carol Oates.

But it turns out I become too manic in the mechanics.

It didn't help that the one time I landed a writing job, it was to "write" gambling articles steeped in so-called SEO. Incredibly boring and demoralizing. But par for this world's course.

I think another aspect that's held my writing back was being unable to not occasionally think of writing as an extremely pretentious activity, a sort of acting in a purely textual space. I want to say there are times I intentionally write more poorly so that I address the urge without becoming ridiculous about it - if that makes any sense.

Oh well.

Yesterday I stumbled upon DVDs I bought in the past. Fun. But wow, what a pain in the ass compared to streaming. Maybe it wouldn't be with another DVD player, but ours semi-ancient, and mystifying at times. One either uses it regularly enough, or forgets key tricks.