2023-05-05 Woke up, fell out of bed

Fri 05 May 2023 06:49:00 AM CDT

Oh what a beautiful morning.

I'm tired, though, having awakened to pee about 3:50am, and never really falling back asleep again.

So it's been a bit of internet, leftovers for breakfast, and capturing three fun photos:

- the moon in a portion of the horizon I suspect it's not seeing in much, along with an interesting double due to the pane of glass the photo was captured through

- the shadow of a closed outdoor antenna against door blinds that looked a lot like a circumcised penis

- a pair of geese with five geese-lings eating seeds from our yard, and pooping up a storm in the process

We re-watched K-PAX last night.

My wife reminded me we ought to get back with Starman as well.

"I" get the feeling there can be no such thing as community for ego.