2023-05-04 I me mine

Thu 04 May 2023 02:03:43 PM CDT


wrote this gemlog post:


that mentioned a letter to Smolnet they wrote:

Technological Futures: A Letter to the Smolnet

that ends in a bunch of stuff "we" ought do.

Now, I don't disagree with any of those todos, and consider that letter a fantastic read.

But as with far too many social critiques I read, I don't see any of those todos addressing what I believe to be root cause.

I suspect what I believe to be root cause is beyond what most (read: all) egos could agree with.

And that's because root cause is ego, i.e. the "I thought" - from which all other conceptuality (aka modeling) emanates from slash revolves around.

Being ultimate root cause, its only solution is its absence - not *it* doing this and/or that and/or the other: because it will fuck up all those the way it always does, favoring it"self" at the expense of others.

The world seems sufficient proof.