2023-05-03 Gobs and gobs of gobs and gobs

Wed 03 May 2023 06:10:36 PM CDT

I'm feeling a bit foolish for having made audio recordings, captured still photographs, written in notebooks, written files, written what I imagine must ultimately be in files and/or databases online, etc.


Because if/when I'm truly living, I'll never have time to revisit any of that.

Which makes me wonder if I was truly living when I captured/wrote any of that.

My bookmarks situation - across a variety of readers/browsers on a couple devices - is already an unknottable tangle of URL entropy. No time to go through it all, and possibly organize. And it goes without typing there's likely plenty of link rot therein. We're talking several hours of wading, renaming, deleting, nesting, becoming dissatisfied with organizational choices along the way, forgetting initial nesting guiding principles, etc.

Likewise with the aforementioned "content".

It's just.... <slowly backs away>