2023-04-28 Again-member-ing

Fri 28 Apr 2023 06:48:31 PM CDT

I was doing some nosing around gemini spaces, and a few http spaces linked to from there, and wound up finding replies of mine to others that I honestly don't remember writing.

Yesterday my wife told me of our having visited with my brother back in November, and for the life of me I don't remember doing that.

Do you see a pattern, here?

Of course, I've many memories seemingly incapable of dying, and can't help but wonder how those wound up surviving others.

Were the weaker in references to experiences in a specific time period, e.g. when I may have been drinking more, when my wife wound up interrupting my thinking/remembering more with what I tend to consider useless drama bites that wound up shoving more significant memories from memory space? Were they somehow not sufficiently revisited, i.e. re-remembered?

Does "practice makes perfect" apply to memory(ies)?