2023-04-27 Three and a half cheers

Thu 27 Apr 2023 09:29:47 AM CDT

It can become frustrating winding up revisiting gemini sites, and yet nothing is worse than gamed search results married in hell to advertising. Every time following links to often too-familiar places in gemini feels clunky, I need to remember how I feel seeing obviously gamed top search results regardless the engine, with gobs of advertising lurking about the edges, no doubt prelude to popups, cookie-acceptance requests, and my browser - if not entire computer - slowing down to an even clunkier crawl than following gemini links manually.

I'm hoping finally getting with bombadillo and/or amfora bookmarks might salve a bit of my link pain.

But, really, I'll likely need to write my own side command line app that helps me associate words (aka "hashtags") with links, and can invoke bombadillo or amfora (I'm still a bit torn between the two). But, of course, that gets messy quickly, needs to be kept updated, cleaned (even if only for eventually dead links). Always something - and soooo often entropy related.

Overall I remain ecstatic we have the gemini option.