2023-04-26 Every day she takes a morning bath, she wets her hair

Wed 26 Apr 2023 06:52:09 AM CDT

There's so-called "abiding in awareness", or seemingly conviction of being a separate self enduring "all this".

The latter has become madness to the point of having next to no alternative but to get serious about no longer being serious about "all this".

("next to" because of course there's always *some* way to procrastinate)

My wife will be awake soon, and she's so in the throes of "all this" that we're talking serious trepidation trying to complete this sentence before hearing the bedroom door open. Soon I'll be hearing about her girls, siblings, rants over political news, how so-and-so "looked at her funny" yesterday. There are times I wish I could become so lost in all the drama. And yet I can't imagine it being a place of peace. But, then, neither is sitting back frustrated for not being able to let go of "all this" - starting, of course, with the alleged self allegedly expire-iencing it....

In other words, hello everyone! <waves>