2023-04-24 Here we go round the tech failure bush

Mon 24 Apr 2023 07:28:22 AM CDT

'Tis a morning mostly typical save for my wife arising

earlier than I. It happens, but its rare.

I'm having the usual for-shit luck with online

technology. After a successful usage of "Antenna":


I've subsequently resubmitted my feed after updates,

but not seeing them.

And now I can't remember what URL I submitted that

worked the first time. I think I also changed things on

my end in a way possibly provoking trouble. I think when

I first submitted my gemlog URL, I had no index.gmi file

therein. But now I do. Regardless, I've tried submitting

just the URL to the gemlog directory, then another to

the index.gmi file therein... I've tried reuploading the

new post file and the index.gmi file to force timestamp

updates... but I'm still not seeing that new post hit


And of course the help/FAQ for antenna either doesn't cover

my case, or it does but in language I'm not grokking to

recognize as applying to my case.

This is so how online tech usually goes for me. Very