try, try again

Sun 23 Apr 2023 08:54:08 AM CDT

I'm giving gemini another shot despite almost certainly

being pointless in terms of interactions with others. I'm

simply going to accept that, and find value in the

writing process, in creating posts in an orderly fashion,

in possibly authoring some verbiage that somehow leads

another back from whence we've come.

In the past I posted against a couple accounts, as well as

for gopher and http. Nope. Not this time. If there will be

zero readers anyway, then I may as well keep the posting

effort simple.

Returning was inspired, in part, by:


whose writing I've quite enjoyed, and who actually

exchanged a bit of email with me.

Of course, I'm already wound up over the likes of whether

to let my paragraphs flow, or to, for example, "fmt -60"

them. And now I'm tense about the commas in the previous


Why oh why must such matter to the point of crippling?

All in all, I mostly just plain love typing.

<a bit later>

Well, of course I can't get a gemlog subdirectory pointed

to by an index.gmi file to work. And of *course* the

error message I'm seeing in my gemini reader is utterly

unhelpful in any direction of resolution. So I'm simply

going to put *.gmi files in my root capsule directory,

and let the default gemini server behavior prevail.

I can't tell you how much I despite software at times....

<still later>

And then I tried sftp'ing index.gmi back directly under the

'capsule' directory, and now it suddenly works....

.... well, hang on a second there, pardner... I had to

change an underscore to a dash in my file naming for it

to finally work overall... ugh....